Discover « les Femmes de l’Economie »

Trophées FNTFor over 30 years, the Idecom Group has witnessed the growth of high-potential women who help French businesses to grow worldwide.

It is both a duty and an honour to help showcase their careers in France and abroad.

Through “Les Femmes de l’Economie,” the Idecom Group is committed to encourage new generations of women an help them become leaders and decision-makers in tomorrow’s business world.

In France, the first steps of the adevnture of “ Les Femmes de l’Economie ” were taken in 2010 in Provence-Alpes Côte d’Azur. Six years later, seven territories and five bordering countries are proud to host the award céréomnies and encourage the many women who help to boost their region’s economy.

Lauréates Rhône-Alpes 14 et FPoivey, marraine

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An incredible adventure which keeps growing year after year

33 regional ceremonies & 4 national ceremonies

Over 2 200 applications

900 nominees

312 award winners

Over 14 000 participants